Bro. Leslie Sivarajasingam

[av_team_member name=’Bro. Leslie Sivarajasingam’ job=” src=’’ attachment=’59’ attachment_size=’full’ description=’Leslie Sivarajasingam was born into a strong Hindu family in Northern

Sri Lanka. As a youth Leslie worshiped and served in Hindu temples to Sivan, Murugan & Vayeravar on Fridays. After many years of searching, Leslie was saved by Jesus Christ in November 1989. For the past 18 years, Leslie has been operating a telephone Christian ministry service “Jesu Kristhukkul Sungamum” (Destiny In Jesus Christ) from Toronto. Leslie serves as an admin, Sunday broadcast host, marketing director and treasurer for Waves of Power – Till Nov 2016′ font_color=” custom_title=” custom_content=”]